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peek pools & spas, Stars of DIY's Pool Kings

About Kyle Peek

As the patriarchal star of the DIY Network hit, Pool Kings (now shooting its second season), Kyle Peek is still settling into his new-found celebrity. The owner of Tennessee-based Peek Pools has built more than 10,000 pools in his 38-year career, boasting a clientele of some of America’s famous and wealthy, and winning several awards for his work in the pool industry. Still, the happily married father of three is most proud of his familial achievements and the relationships he’s been able to build with others throughout his career. “More than building the pool is the relationship we build with each homeowner and the bond we share with them when they allow us to be part of their family for awhile, and being given the opportunity to do something special that will last a lifetime.”

Outgoing and quick-witted, Kyle’s sense of humor and affinity for banter is best seen in his interactions with his sons, Justin and Corey - both of whom work for the family business and can be seen on Pool Kings. “Building pools with family is a dream of mine and something I’m very proud of. However, it can also be challenging and incredibly stressful. Our ability to poke fun and engage in some friendly competition, which can be seen a good bit on the show, allows us to keep things light in the most stressful times.”

Fun and sarcasm aside, Kyle’s natural warmth and humility is equally as prevalent in his work. “We care - we truly care about what we build and the people we build it for.”

Kyle’s down time is spent with his wife, Miki, his children and grandchildren. “I love to cook, listen to music, golf… The more I can do with my family, the better.” He also spends a good amount of time giving back, working with the Special Olympics, citing his faith and his stepdaughter’s disabilities as his inspiration for helping others.

“I have been Vice President Director of Operations for the largest pool company in the country, with hundreds of people under me. I’ve also mixed cement for $25 a day and picked up trash. I’ve been at the top of the ladder, I’ve been at the bottom of the ladder. I’ve seen the pool industry at its best and I’ve seen it at its worst. I’ve won awards and built pools for some of the wealthiest clientele in the world. And now I’m on a hit TV show. But working with my family, for me, has been the most rewarding achievement I’ve had.”

About Justin Peek

To see Justin Peek and his father, Kyle Peek, on their DIY Network hit show, Pool Kings, you might be surprised to learn Justin describes himself as introverted. Quiet and thoughtful. Detail-oriented and consistent. He’ll tell you that’s how Peek Pools makes sure all those over-the-top pools you see on the show are also over-the-top quality pools. “We develop lasting partnerships with our families by being a part of each phase of the pool building process. We also consider each detail throughout the phases of pool building to ensure every family gets their dream backyard. But more than anything, we take an extreme amount of pride in making sure things are done right and made to last.”

Though introverted, few can handle his father’s sarcasm and competitive nature quite like Justin - a back-and-forth often highlighted on Pool Kings. “Working with family is challenging at times due to the high expectations we set for each other. It’s important to keep things fun. My dad can dish it - but I can give it right back. We keep each other balanced.”

The tech-minded half of the pool building duo truly grew up in the pool business, and began work with his dad when he was 16. “I was doing demolition and remodels for the company my dad ran. Later, I worked for a nationwide pool company in information technology as an information systems manager.” With his love of the technological side of the pool industry comes Justin’s ability to deliver something unique to each client. “The pools I’ve been most proud of are ones where we’ve taken on a new custom feature. The more technical and challenging the pool is, the more proud I am in the end of how well it came together. It helps push me to be a better builder.”

Like his father and partner-in-crime on the popular DIY Network show, Justin’s priority is family.  “I really enjoy watching my son and daughter at their extracurricular activities. I love traveling and making memories with my family.” And while Justin has his sights set on taking over the company once his dad retires, he doesn’t foresee a time they won’t work together. “I’d love for my dad to stay on as a consultant down the road. We have our moments, but we both expect a lot of ourselves and what we can deliver to clients. Family’s important, and to be able to grow a business with your family is something special.”