A common legacy of small town origins, a diverse patchwork of musical influences and the shining promise and genuine soul of modern country music: the vibrant artistry of Mason Grace is revealed in an authentic alchemy of finely crafted songs, intuitive harmonies and audience-friendly camaraderie.

The triumvirate consists of Josh Paige, vocals and guitar, Jynette Lynell, vocals, and bandleader, vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Aulich. The band can expand or contract depending on the venue, augmenting their sound with loops and adding additional players for larger stages. What stays constant is the radiant heart of this captivating collaboration.

The trio was formed when Jynette’s group shared stages with Josh’s band, an aggregation that also included Jeff as a member. After the two groups would present their separate sets, they would join together for a grand finale.  “Audiences would tell us, ‘The best part of the night is when all of you come together on stage. You sound like a giant country choir,” they recall. It was the natural step to merge these two groups into the singular aggregation now known as Mason Grace. “It feels so good and so right,” says Josh, as Jynette confirms the sentiment adding, “We are musical soul mates.”

Raised up on a horse ranch in California, Josh Paige moved to Nashville after living in Hollywood. With his background of camping, Motocross and shooting, he notes that the South is an excellent fit for his music and his values. Jynette Lynell, who grew up on “God and good country music” in the strawberry region of Florida, remembers hearing everything from Shania Twain and Allan Jackson to Tom Petty and Biggie Smalls. She established herself as a notable local artist before making the move to Tennessee. Possessed of a gravity-defying Mohawk, musical director Jeff Aulich, who grew up in the agricultural center of Vacaville, California, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, and served as a worship band leader. An accomplished guitarist as well as a dexterous Dobro and banjo player, he orchestrates the band’s country core with sterling musicality.

Among the band members’ commonalities is their shared love of water and the beach, an aquatic affinity underscored by the rhythmic buoyancy in many of their songs. Their debut single “All Summer” is a breezy tribute to the warmth of these favorite months and “Beer, Lime and Sunshine,” celebrates the feel good season with a spirited toast.

When not touring with Mason Grace, both Josh Paige and Jynette Lynell, who pen the Mason Grace songs with their respective co-writers, maintain active songwriting careers in Nashville. Jeff Aulich is an in-demand studio musician. They deeply appreciate the support of a strong musical community in the fabled music capitol.

Mason Grace appropriated the first part of their band name from Mason jars, the classic glass containers that Jynette utilizes as flower vases, candle holders and spice jars. The second half of the name is inspired by song “Amazing Grace,” as Josh reveals. “It is collectively one of our favorite hymns. And it is through the grace of God that we all came together.”