Kate Hasting Band

In a genre where outside musical influence has easily overtaken priority to roots, Kate Hasting Band founding members Kate Hasting and Josh Beale feel a welcomed responsibility to use other genres as a compliment to their Midwest country sound. “Country music is all about honesty, no matter how brutal,” explains Hasting. “We were all three raised in communities driven by the genre, and know fans can call a farce from a mile away.” “The beauty of our band is in our willingness to be vulnerable for the sake of giving fans an honest taste of our upbringing,” adds Beale. “Authenticity has always been the core of country - and will always be the core of the Kate Hasting Band.”

Born and raised on her family farm in Ohio, Hasting walked away from medical school, realizing country music was where she wanted to be. “Country wasn’t just an option - it was the only option,” said Hasting. “That was how we were raised and what we listened to. Country is the great love of my life - we’ve had our breakups, but it’s something I’ve always known I would love forever.” In 2010 she released her debut album Kate Hasting, produced by Steve Walsh, followed by Playing with Fire in 2011 (also produced by Walsh), and shortly after made the move to Music City.  

Moving to Nashville in 2009, Beale’s only intention was writing. “I swore I would only be a writer - I never planned to be in a country band,” says Beale. “I’d been playing writers rounds around town, co-writing and trying to pursue a publishing deal.” After meeting at the Music Row bar Pick’s (“We went on a few unsuccessful dates,” Hasting jokes), the two began [writing together] experimenting in music. “Even when I began working musically with Kate, the concept of becoming an artist was one I was initially resistant to.” Hasting’s resolution and drive, though, quickly opened Beale’s mind to the possibility of starting a band. “I saw something in her vision that I didn’t see anywhere else, and I didn’t even have on my own. I immediately knew we worked better as a team then separate entities.”

The pair set about finding their sound - a creative process that’s taken years to discover. “I think there’s been more conceptualization at times then pen to paper,” says Hasting. “I think we both knew what we wanted to sound like before we knew how to make that sound.” Adds Beale, “The entire journey has been a process of honing our sound to make the music match the vision.”

In 2013, they decided to add another mainstay to the group, drummer Cam Smith. Like Beale, Smith had no intention of becoming an artist. “I moved to Nashville to get away from Missouri,” he jokes. “I’d played drums most of my life, but I only ever saw drumming as a hobby.” Inevitably, destiny caught up with him. “One day, after seeing a few shows, I thought, ‘Why am I not doing that?’” The decision to add Smith as a permanent member was something that caught both Hasting and Beale by surprise. “A drummer wasn’t necessarily what we were looking for to complete the band,” says Beale. “We knew we weren’t a duo, and we were still very much trying to figure out what we were.” “We both prayed on a band coming together that was worthy of the direction we were trying to head,” continues Hasting. “Adding Cam into the mix was a gut decision. Looking back, there’s very little in life I’ve been so sure of.”

That same year, the now trio released their debut EP “Country Music”, co-produced by award-winning engineer and producer Chad Carlson (Taylor Swift, Trisha Yearwood, Chase Rice) and legendary guitarist Rob McNelley (Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Jake Owen). In 2015, the band released singles Just Friends, Country Music (reprise) and Behind the Bleachers, all produced by Tyler Smyth (Dangerkids). The video for Behind the Bleachers earned director Nishan Gilmet, an Emmy nomination, and was quickly picked up by Great American Country (GAC), The Country Network (formerly ZUUS Country), and several other regional music outlets nationwide.

As they continue to evolve, both apart and as a whole, the focus of the Kate Hasting Band remains finding a sound true to their roots - regardless of where the journey takes them. “What makes music country is the honesty behind it, regardless of the production. I still believe Luke Bryan has done and seen everything he’s described in his songs, and we aim to do the same,” says Hasting. “There are times we’ve compromised ourselves and our music,” adds Beale. “But for us, this isn’t a ‘make it at any cost’ mindset… This is a ‘make it with integrity’ plan.”  “We decided awhile ago that we’d go home before we did something that wasn’t true to our Midwest country sound,” continues Hasting. “Moving forward, it’s important to us that we honor our sound and deliver to fans a story we can back up.” That is country music.