Jenna Paulette

Jenna Paulette is a Texas native who grew up in the Dallas area with her family ranch only an hour away in Thackerville, Oklahoma. She draws much of her inspirations from ranching and what she learned growing up around cattle. Jenna grew up listening to George Strait, the Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain. She also got a healthy dose of pop music in a big city like Dallas. “It was the best of both worlds” she says, “I got to learn about cows from my grandfather and my uncle, but I still got  to listen to major radio stations and go to a big mall” The combination of those two things are what makes up Jenna’s sound, which she refers to as “the new west.” It’s loops, heavy production, and fresh lyrics with the sound of traditional country elements, especially pedal steel guitar. It’s a good combination that suites today’s listener without forsaking the "groundedness" of country music’s roots.

Working with Grammy-nominated producer Brad Hill (Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne) and Lee Holland has given new definition to Jenna’s music. They took what I had vision for and helped translate it into my sound without stealing anybody else's ”thing.” For instance, when we were choosing songs, I had one song that we just had an iPhone recording of that we did after the writing session, nothing fancy, but they liked the title “Coolest Girl in the World.” So I played it for them and they said, “that is what is going to make people go ’I get what she is trying to do.'” 

“Coolest Girl in the World” is going to be Jenna‘s first single. The song was written by Jenna, Jordan Reynolds (Keith Urban, “Getting in the Way,” Lauren Alaina “Three”) and Sydney Cubit. It’s laid-back but uptempo outlook on something we all can relate to is infectious. Jenna says, "It’s this simple, you either want to be the guy that makes the girl feel like the girl in the song on the radio, or you want to be the girl in the song on the radio and when you feel like that you are the “Coolest Girl in the World.” It is delivered with a visual lyric and post chorus melody that gets stuck in your head real good."  

Jenna’s vocal is a balance of modern twang and tone that suites country music’s ever widening audience. It’s got an effortless conversational quality that is easy to listen to again and again.

2017 is going to be a big year for Jenna as she sets out on the road signed with CAA, releases her first single and tries to create and perform the kind of music that she likes to listen to. Welcome to the New West.